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graphics by superciliary and nerdypickle21.

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Hello there! This is a graphics community owned by Anna (superciliary) and Rachel (nerdypickle21). It used to be called ___xcatastrophe, but we got a free rename token because it started with an underscore, so it was renamed to dawnoflove. :) Here is where we will post our graphics- such as wallpapers, icons, fanmixes, brushes, textures, drawings, etc. of a variety of fandoms, some being Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, stock photographs, and more.

Please feel free to look around and take whatever you desire, as long as you credit whoever posted the artwork. Comments are nice, but not required. Reposting these graphics anywhere is rude, and not suggested unless you want to piss us off. The same applies to stealing, modifying, and hotlinking.

Have fun! :)


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